A Man on a Mission

We only had minutes to rush through the streets before Jae's performance that evening. We were on a mission... to get some updated season-appropriate photos. :) Not at all glorious or epic, but I kept that phrase in mind while we quickly snapshot-ed away. That's who Jae is to me. A man on a mission. Way bigger than just sharing his music. I feel it. 

When I drove past the worn out painted doors & windows on my way to Jae, Maya Angelou's sweet words came to mind. 

“The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise.”

I knew we had to stop there for a bit before heading to the waterfront. While these photos weren't planned out & they aren't anywhere near perfect, I hope they share a little bit of who Jae is. A boy from Baltimore embarking on a new journey with something incredibly special. It's more than just chasing the fame or money, things that fade away so easily. And it's more than the love of music, which in itself is beautiful & admirable. I can't wait for Jae to share it with you all. 

On a personal note, I'm still learning the craft of portrait photography and telling stories in single moments. And here's what I've learned so far. It's HARD. And even with all the doubts, I'm up for the challenge.